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Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm sterile water, to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus that builds up over years of eating. This allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more readily and leaves you feeling healthy and lighter. Colonics can also help re-tone and reshape the colon. Colonics are commonly considered the single most effective way of cleansing the body.

The colon is our ‘waste disposal system’ and keeping it in a functional state is very important to our health.   The ideal transit time of food through the body is 18 to 24 hours, yet for most people in the Western world the average is 60 hours for men and a staggering 70 hours for women!

What are the benefits of a having a series of colonics?
While a single colonic will undoubtedly remove some surface fecal matter from your colon, but it will not be sufficient to give you a deep and long lasting cleanse. Understand that the hard slimy crust, or mucoid plaque, that builds up on the walls of the colon takes years to accumulate so a minimum of 5-7 colonics will be necessary to remove such hardened matter, especially if you have never had colonic irrigation before.  We recommend repeating such a cleanse every 6 months for life.

Colonics don’t sound natural, why do we need them?
As you know, the Western diet incorporates a lot of ‘unnatural’ ingredients: refined foods (factory produced), excess dairy, animal products, plastics, heavy metals and artificial additives. These substances are extremely difficult for our digestive system to properly break down, absorb and excrete. Over time certain indigested foods begin to accumulate on the lining of the colon wall. This process is further strengthened by stress from the fast pace of our daily lives. Eating too fast, not chewing our food enough, incorrect/inefficient food combination, overly acid diets and other factors too all contribute to a progressive clogging of our colon.  

How safe are colonics?
In relatively healthy individuals there is no danger of damage to any internal organs. We use one of the latest colonic machines, approved by the US FDA and equivalent health agencies in Europe, with a built-in pressure gauge to prevent any water-pressure discomfort. The water is passed through a special UV light to kill all bacteria and pathogens prior to entering the colon. An air-sealed single-use insert tube (specula) is used for each and every colonic so there is no risk of contamination.

Recommended for: Pita and Kapha dosha types in particular (but not exclusively).  Anyone suffering from bloating, constipation, (anyone experiencing less than 2 bowel movements per day), frequent indigestion, people who enjoy eating dairy, meat or processed foods. People keen to reward their body for a lifetime of service.
Benefits: The benefits include: increased regularity of bowel movements, increased energy, enhanced mental clarity, improved circulation, clearer skin, reduction in pungent body odour, brighter eyes, weight balancing, better digestion, better sleep, relief and even total elimination of allergies and relief from bloating and heaviness.

The following conditions have also been reported to be alleviated: acne, constipation, distention, chronic fever, the common cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, vomiting, backache, neck pain and hyper acidity, sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism, excessive body odor and gout.
Time:   1 hour Approximate cost in USD
Price:   1200B for 1
1080B each for 3
1020B each for 5
  960B each for 7

Colonics should not be given to persons suffering from chronic indigestion, bleeding from rectum, colon cancer, people over the age of 70 or during menstruation. 

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