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This questionnaire allows you to automatically calculate your dominant Dosha. As you can read in the about ayurveda section, your dominant dosha defines everything about who you are, from the kind of skin you may have to the way you handle awkward social situations.

Select the answer that fits closest. Then click on the calculate button to find out your Dosha.

1. Physique
I am taller (or shorter) than average and thin with a rather under-developed physique.
I am average in height with a moderately developed physique.
I am thick, large, broad, with a well-developed physique.
2. Weight
I am thin, my bones tend to be prominent (knuckles, elbows, knees, facial bones, etc.) .
I am of moderate weight with a slight tendency toward overweight
I am heavy and easily tend towards overweight or obesity.
3. Hair

My hair is two or more of these: dry, kinky, curly, coarse, black, dark brown
My hair is two or more of these: Red, light brown, blond, soft, fine, prone to premature gray or balding.
My hair is two or more of these: Thick, oily, wavy, medium to dark brown.

4. Eyes
Small, dry, brown and I tend to blink alot.
Sharp, penetrating, green, blue, or gray, with reddish or yellowish sclerae
Large, attractive, charming, with white sclerae, brown or deep blue
5. Eyebrows
Thin, not bushy, dry, and firm to touch.
Medium in all respects.
Thick, bushy, oily, soft.
6. Bowel Movements
Hard, dry, accompanied by gas, tendency towards constipation
Regular, tends towards loose and soft or diarrhea, abundant,
Regular, large, oily
7. Urine
Small amounts very frequently throughout the day.
Abundant, deep yellow, occasionally slightly burning
Moderate, concentrated
8. Appetite
Unpredictable and erratic; I sometimes am not hungry at mealtimes and very hungry between meals
Sharp, acutely aware of mealtimes, dislikes delaying meals, enjoys and can digest large quantities of food
Constant, can miss a meal comfortably, feels best with smaller quantities of food.
9. Disease Pattern
Fatigue, nervous system, insomnia, weakness, dryness
Fevers, inflammations, ulcers, skin conditions
Congestion, respiratory conditions, benign growths, obesity
10. Speech
I tend to talk alot and show enthusiasm in my speech by nature
Argumentative, precise, convincing, sharp, direct speech
Slow, sometimes monotonous, low-pitched, rhythmic speech
11. Social
More often than not I am insecure and nervous in new social situations
I am outgoing and usually assertive and accessible around people
I usually do more listening than speaking in new situations, but people are attracted to me nonetheless.
12. Gait
I usually walk quicker than most people with short light steps
Stable, purposeful pace at moderate speed
Slow, unhurried, and graceful strides
13. Voice
Low volume, hoarse, vibrato, cracking, not really deep or resonant
Sharp, loud, captures attention
Pleasant, deep, harmonious, deep, resonant
14. Temperament
nervous, changeable, never seems to be content.
always seems to be struggling, achieving; highly self-motivated.
Usually happy, slow to desire or see the need for change.
15. Sleep
Often light or interrupted, insomnia, 5-7 hours per night
Sound, 6-8 hours per night
Deep, uninterrupted, difficulty waking
16. Concentration
Easily distracted
Rarely distracted, intensely engaged
Moderate levels of concentration
17. Will Power
Weak, I often start out very determined but later give in.
Moderate, I am very self-critical when I fail to follow through
Strong, if I make a decision I stay with it.
18. Emotional Reaction to Stress
Fearful, anxious and worried
Anger, aggressiveness, irritability, demanding, uncompromising
Complacent, steady, calmly seeks solutions, may become depressed
19. Mental Tendency
Questions everything, theorizes as to the cause of events, creative
Discriminating, judging, suspicious
Logical, stable, reasonable, slow to evaluate
20. Forgiveness
I forgive and forget easily and often.
It takes me a very long time to forgive; I tend to hold grudges.
I understand that people make mistakes; it rarely upsets me.
21. Love
I fall in and out love easily
I have had relatively few but intensely passionate love affairs.
I feel I am hungry for love and affection; longterm relationships.
22. Sex Drive
Frequent desire, low stamina
Moderate desire, dominating, passionate
Cyclical, sometimes insatiable, excellent stamina
23. Hygiene
Very clean and neat, intolerant of sloppiness, uncleanness
Moderately clean, but secondary to other concerns
Can be dirty and sloppy for periods of time
24. Financial Behavior
Spends impulsively, spends on trifles, feels poor
Spends moderately, enjoys luxuries, gourmet meals
Frugal, saves money, spends freely on food, entertainment
25. Disease Tendency

Nervous system, pain, mental instability, arthritis, fatigue, weakness, hearing loss
Febrile illness, inflammations, infections, skin disorders, heart disease, ulcer disease, hemorrhoids, alcoholism
Respiratory diseases (bronchitis, asthma), obesity, high cholesterol, sinusitis

26. Pulse
Rapid, thready, light,
Bounding, strong, superficial
Slow, broad, strong
27. How quickly you pick up new information
Very quickly, usually first time
Quite quickly
More slowly, preferred to review the material several times
28. Describing your digestion
Quite easily upset, tendency for bloating and gas
Virtually never a problem, can eat nearly anything without discomfort
Digestion is slow, stomach tends to feel heavy long after meals
29.Weather types in which you feel especially uncomfortable
Cold and damp
30. describing your sleep pattern
Light sleeper, frequently wake up
Sound sleeper, needed 6-8 hours
Deep sleep, need more than eight hours
31. Describing your stools
Hard and dry
Well formed
32. Describing how you feel when you run into a problem or difficulty
Worried, anxious, mind moving back and forth
Tendency to feel irritated or angry
Calm, stable and clear

Number of  Vata    
Number of  Pitta  
Number of  Kapha   

By analyzing the scores for Vata, Pitta, and Kapha you can determine your Ayurvedic Constitutional type. Although there are only three doshas, they can combine in ten possible ways to give ten possible Constitutional Types. Yours is indicated below.

Your Constitutional Type is 

Used with permission from Dr Scott Gerson MD

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