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The Garshan massage is ideally suited to Kapha dosha types. During this stimulating massage raw silk gloves are worn by the two practitioners in order to create friction on the surface of the skin. The friction increases blood circulation, helps to oxygenate the cells and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins. It promotes weight loss and clears away clogging impurities that might cause problems such as cellulite.

Garshan is followed by oil massage. Garshan is typically followed by Swedana (steambox treatment) to further stimulate detoxification of the cells and pores through sweating.

Recommended for: Kapha dosha types, people carrying excess weight, people suffering from cellulite, people who experience excess inactivity.
Benefits: improved condition and tone of skin, reduction of cellulite, improved digestion, awakens untapped energy reserves, alleviates depression, inactivity and sluggishness.
Time:   1 hour Approximate cost in USD
Price:   1500B for 1
1300B each for 3
1100B each for 5
  900B each for 7

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