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An excellent source of detox protocols and alternative approaches to supporting health.
Sara Avant Stover’s yoga website. A world class teacher, Sara lives here in Chiang Mai

Diana Manilova is an internationally recognized and fully certified spiritual healer, shaman, clairvoyant and psychic healer. Her home is here in Chiang Mai and we have no hesitation in recommending her to our customers.

Ed McCabe's website dedicated to brining greater awareness about the amazing and well-documented benefits of oxygen therapy
 A local Thai massage school with a great reputation.
One of Chiang Mais best-loved places to practice yoga under excellent guidance.
Cure phobias, break destructive habits, release traumatic memories, reduce stress and discover lasting confidence now with NLP.

The Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center, Thailand. Detox Packages. Ayurveda Packages. Ayurvedic herbs. Colonic Irrigation. Liver Flush. Ozone Therapy. Ion Foot spa. Far Infrared Sauna. Detox Chiang Mai. Detox Thailand.