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For the past three years since returning from 10 months in India, I have been dogged by a "mysterious" condition that has baffled teams of western medical practitioners. My condition is characterized by pimple-like sores that swell up in repetitive patterns on different areas of my scalp. Over time the condition has worsened to include the maxillary region of my face, and progressed to a point where the affected areas now exist as random bald patches.

I had an idea of what my problem was, but no idea how I might fix it. That was when I discovered the Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center. After hearing a friend's glowing recommendation of the Center's staff and services, I decided to go and see if they might be able to help me. And help me they did.

Upon arriving at the Center the most profound sensation I remember experiencing was that of hope. There for the first time since my condition began I encountered people who not only showed a genuine concern for my health, but who also possessed an understanding of how my health might be returned. The staff's in-depth knowledge of the Center's services along with their infectious enthusiasm for improved health and cleansing allowed me to quickly realize the path that I needed to take.

I immediately began a series of colonics and liver/gall bladder flushes. Despite the potential discomforts that I assumed might accompany a procedure such as colon hydro-therapy, the professionalism of the staff created a "safe" environment that would allow for maximum health benefits. With my concerns for comfort alleviated, I actually found the colonics to be quite an exhilarating experience. The sensation of seeing (and knowing) that years of stagnant waste were being flushed from my system had an incredibly positive effect on both my mental and physical states of being.

For the first time since the onset of my condition, I felt that progress was being made. These feelings were then amplified by the personal support and encouragement of the staff members who were working with me. I can't express enough how thankful I am for the consistent care and consideration shown to me by everyone at the Center. Apart from their proven willingness to "go the extra mile", I have always felt that to those at the Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center, my health has always been more important than my business.

Having completed a series of five colonics and four liver/gall bladder flushes with the support and guidance of the Ayurvedic Center I am now enjoying a dramatic improvement in my physical symptoms and am well on my way to full health.

Many thanks,

Keith Wyatt, 34, Canada, February 2007

Before coming to the Ayurvedic Center in Chiang Mai I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome creating severe migraine headaches. I had joint problems and irregular heart beat.

After a course of colonic irrigation treatments and ion footspa treatments I felt extremely tired, but soon after noticed quite an increase of energy and lightness of my body and mind.

My eyes are more moist, my sleep is much sounder, my stool healthier and regular and my irregular heartbeat has completely disappeared!

My sincere thanks to the doctor and the entire staff for such friendly, competent and professional support and encouragement. I feel great!

Gee Meyer, 64, Switzerland, February, 2007

I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to all the dedicated staff of the Ayurvedic Center. In the span of just a few days, I was both physically and spiritually cleansed by the wonderful treatments and wonderful energy at the Center. There one can find cutting-edge technology mixed with traditional Thai hospitality, all at a modest price. It was truly a blessing for me to find the Ayurvedic Center.

Saral Opera, New York City, February 2007

I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and associated illness for the past 7 years. I have tried many different therapies to varying effect. Despite years of treatments, I have never been able to find a holistic approach to my health care. At the Ayurvedic Health Center I was able to receive a wide range of therapies that addressed the cause of my illness and provided me with life-long strategies to keep myself healthy.

The staff are extremely well trained and the treatments were provided with care and understanding of my specific needs. The facilities were very clean and inviting, while also discrete enough to maintain confidentiality. I would recommend the Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center for people suffering from any chronic illness, or to those who feel they want to do something to maintain optimum health.

Kate, 25, Australia, 2007

I can honestly say that there is no other place like this that I am aware of in Thailand.  From the moment I stepped into the front door I felt that I had made a good decision in coming here to detox and give my body a much-needed overhaul.  Unlike spas in England where the staff can often make you feel inferior or judged, here I was greeted with sincere smiles, given compassionate guidance and received professional detox treatments.  I have no hesitation in recommending the excellent detox programs offered by the doctor and her excellent staff.

Paul Jenkins, 29, London, 2006

While I recognise the importance of giving my body a thorough detox at least once a year, I also need a good holiday where I can relax and do my own thing! So the idea of staying in a detox resort where I would have do eat, sleep and breathe detoxing 24/7 did not appeal.

But the clinic was very flexible in when and how I could have the various detox treatments. This allowed me time to go off and explore Chiang Mai according to my own timetable and then fit in the detoxing around it. I arrived feeling weary and stressed and left with a bounce in my step and a twinkle in my eyes.  I cannot thank you enough for the care you showed me, I look forward to being with you again next year.

Peter Wright, 26, London, 2006

I visited the Ayurvedic Clinic five times during my week's holiday in Chiang Mai. What a lovely relaxing place to be! The Ayurvedic specialist was so warm and competent and her advice about the right foods for my digestion, based on my blood type, which I had never had tested before, has proved invaluable.

The Thai ladies who staff the clinic have lovely welcoming smiles and were both gentle and professional. When I had the colonics, which I was a bit nervous about, they made it a simple and effective procedure. The massage on my stomach that Jom did during the colonic was a real pleasure.

Julia Whitmore, 57, Bristol, England 2006

"The doctor and her staff offer warm hearts and sound advice for balanced living.  Just by being in their presence I feel calmed and embraced.  I recommend their services highly to anyone interested in delving into the sophisticated and ancient practices of Ayurveda!

Sara Avant Stover, 29, Chiang Mai, 2005

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